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Lost and Found Counseling 940-224-1869

Lost and Found Counseling 940-224-1869Lost and Found Counseling 940-224-1869Lost and Found Counseling 940-224-1869

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Kari Rehmann, MA, LPC

Kari is a compassionate, assertive and insightful counselor who has dedicated her career to helping and serving others.  She has a very unique and diverse background both personally and professionally.

Kari is one of five children and was raised in Alaska by parents who instilled the values of integrity, family connection, and using the gifts the Lord gave you to serve others. She was married for 22 years and has four children ages 16-24 years old. Kari and her children continue to visit their family in Alaska each summer. 

Texas is now home and Kari has lived here since 2006. After staying home with her children for several years, Kari began her career as a CASA social worker and worked closely with CPS advocating for children in the foster care system. It was through this work experience that Kari found her calling and recognized her innate ability to help children and adults with mental illness.  

After earning her Masters Degree in Counseling from Wayland Baptist University, she continued the education, training and supervision required to become a fully licensed professional counselor.

For the past decade, Kari has worked as an individual psychotherapist, adolescent therapist, family therapist and a marriage counselor.  She has extensive experience as a therapist in behavioral health psych hospitals, intensive outpatient settings, and private practice.

Kari  is trained and incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy,  and Sand Tray Therapy. Using a very straightforward and non judgmental approach, she  has a unique ability to connect with others, make accurate assessments, help people to feel empowered to make necessary changes and move forward. 

Types of Counseling


Individual Counseling-Adults

Individual Counseling-Adults

Individual Counseling-Adults

People seek counseling for a variety of reasons: 

You might be feeling depressed, low motivation, isolated from friends and family, overeating, unable to sleep and generally unhappy.

Maybe you recognize that you are constantly irritable, loose your temper easily, take your anger out on others and hold resentment.

You could be feeling  like you have read every self help book out there, but the communication issues you’re experiencing continue to be a problem.

Some people notice that they have developed poor coping skills or even some addictive habits such as drinking, over eating, shopping, or pornography.

Many times people seek counseling because they are experiencing life changes such as divorce, new relationship, career change and unsure how to navigate the road ahead of them. 

By the time a person seeks counseling, they often are feeling overwhelmed, desperate, anxious, “stuck” or caught in the middle of a crisis.  Through individual counseling, we will work together to identify the root cause, and create a plan on moving forward.
You are not alone. Call or text to schedule a FREE 15 minute phone assessment. Together we can make changes so that you are living the life you have wanted.

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Adolescent Therapy

Individual Counseling-Adults

Individual Counseling-Adults

The number of teens in our nation who are severely depressed, self harming or have had suicidal thoughts is increasing at an alarming rate, according to the American Psychological Association.

Stress, worry, criticism, low self esteem, weight, sports, grades, chores, anger, grief, rejection, sexual identity, religion, siblings, parental conflict, loneliness, pornography, bullying, trauma, anxiety, dating, peer pressure, self harm, divorce, depression, substance abuse, sexual assault, abandonment, suicidal ideation. It’s astonishing to think that the average teen today is currently struggling with at least three or more of these issues at the same time.

Now more than ever, teens need a safe, non judgmental and confidential place to process the challenges they are facing.

Parents need to comfortable that the person their child trusts to process with is a professional, understands the family dynamics, and can teach their child healthy coping skills and improve the communication.

The role of an adolescent therapist is to process past and current events; help the teen feel heard, validated and empowered to make healthy choices. To bridge the gap between the teen and the parents, helping the teen to learn self regulation, holding self accountable, and discover their purpose in life. 

The connection and chemistry between the adolescent therapist, the teen and the parents is a very delicate balance and one of the most important indicators as to how affective therapy will be.  Kari is extremely skilled in this area- call or text to make an appointment.

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Marriage and Family Therapy

Individual Counseling-Adults

Marriage and Family Therapy

What you thought your family would look like and the reality of how things are, can sometimes be very different and feel disheartening. 

Most of the time when parents seek family therapy, there has been a recent event, or crisis that has lead to seeking professional help. Divorce, blending families, escalating fights amongst siblings, aggression, death/grief, substance abuse, defiance and disconnect. Any of these issues can begin as something parents hope their family will “deal with and move on from,” yet they find that the problems continue to grow and lead to other issues. 

Sometimes, parents and children will attend therapy as a way to learn how to express their feelings, increase positive communication or to process a particular incident.  However, that is not the case with most of the families that seek therapy. When starting therapy,  the kids are often angry, resentful, defiant, and don’t want to attend counseling.  It is very common for the parents to be  feeling exasperated, exhausted, overwhelmed, lost, disconnected, and hopeless.

As an experienced family therapist, Kari is known for using a ”tell it like it is” approach with all family members in counseling. In a very non judgmental manner, she helps both parents and children to define their own values, agree upon primary issues to resolve, create boundaries, establish  household rules, implement consequences and help hold each person accountable for their “part.”  

Family is supposed to be our soft place to land; a place a of comfort, security, laughter, and support. This simply can not happen unless there is connection, respect, empathy, clear boundaries, and parents learn to model assertive communication. 

You don’t have to do this alone. Together we can make changes and you will feel empowered create the family dynamics that you have always wanted.  Call or text for a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if family therapy is the next step to take. 

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